“ Even Friday´s sun sets”

This is a Nama-phrase.

It refers to a specific Friday.

It was a traumatic Friday, a Friday full of fear - a day on which dignity and pride were traded for life.

This Friday the men of the village were lured into the church.  

-to prey-

but they were surrounded by german soldiers of the Schutztruppe by machine gun of iron and taken hostage within the holy walls.

The preying did the women . . . and even this day took an end with the setting sun.

however the certainty of fear remained . . .

How the unspeakable consequences of human and land loss were experienced by Namibians who lived and died during German colonialism is not well known and largely underestimated - or even denied. A recognition of the genocide is long overdue and still on march..

During an extended stay in Namibia arose the very special occasion for me to interact intensively with people, getting to know stories and reflections about a past, which shapes the physical and psychological inheritance of the descendants today.

From these encounters emerges an artistic photo-documentary. . ., 

. . . of which the origin can rather be found in layer of political and trans-generational effects than simply in fate . . .

. . . which consists of living voices full of pieces of humanity longing for acknowledgment and recognition.