Genocide in Namibia / work in progress*

Even Friday´s sun sets


“Even Friday´s sun sets” - This is a Nama phrase. It was a traumatic Friday, a Friday full of fear - a day on which dignity and pride were traded for life.

. . .this Friday the men of the village were lured into the church.

- to prey -

. . . but they were surrounded by the german soldiers of the Schutztruppe - by machine gun of iron - and taken hostage within the holy walls.

The preying did the women.

. . . even this day took an end with the setting sun.

However, the certainty
of fear remained. . .

I have traveled various places in Namibia on a search for history and stories regarding the Genocide in Namibia under German colonial rule.

What I found in Namibia is a history that not only belongs to the past. It involves individual people carrying a past into the present as a group.

From the conversations and field research with different descendants and communities of the Herero and Nama, emerged a large number of portraits. These are followed by recorded material of personal accounts, poems, choirs and video material, which document forms of collective mourn.

The Genocide has left an emptiness to the descendants of the victims, who suffer the unspeakable consequences of human/land loss and transgression. Atrocities that were deliberately planned and that have not yet been truly recognised as such.


work in progress*